Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Started

By way of introduction and explanation...

Madeline is a miniature donkey, born of my senior herdsire Dillon and my jennet Betty Jean. She is the 3rd "homegrown" foal of Painted Promise Ranch and our first "chocolate" baby! She was sold to David and Linda, some folks I know through and although I have tried and tried to get them to blog themselves, I have not been successful. In setting up my new donkey website, at, however, I went back through the AzBCR thread they update regularly to hijack some pictures for my new website (yes WITH PERMISSION) but there is just so much there, I can't get it all into the limited space in my "bargain basement" website. So I am going to surprise them with a Madeline blog ;)

Because blogger has "post options" including date posted, I am able to go back and recreate a blog about Madeline in the proper timeline. I am backdating this introductory post to the day I sold her so that this explanation will be the beginning of the blog.

And this is the last picture I took of Madeline before she was delivered...

A little patience will be required on your part as I go back and recreate the past year plus, but it shouldn't take me TOO long ;)

I hope you enjoy hearing about Madeline's adventures as much as her grandma does! She is one VERY special little donkey!!