Monday, July 26, 2010

Apache Maid Trip

As an altitude training trip for the upcoming Colorado adventure, Madeline and her parents spent a weekend at Apache Maid (near Flagstaff).

A "tour" of the old Box T ranch house.

A refreshing dip in the pond...

The photographer (our friend K) says that David, Earl and Madeline are giving thanks here...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Sister Concho

In answer to my inquiry about what the new pup thought of Madeline I got this:

Concho did very well with Madeline, as did Madeline with her. Even ole Earl, David's mule checked her out, as he recognized there was something new around. She's not mouthy or chewy like our other was at this age, plays with the toys and come up to you for loves and is real sweet about it. She'll hold onto your legs while you reach down to pet her. She seemes to fit right in, and is adapting very quickly. Slept in the truck with the others all they way up to Flagstaff @ Apache Maid on Friday night. They all accepted each other very well this weekend while camping.

When we came home later today from the weekend, they were all in the back yard playing. Then Amber the Jack Russell went to the outside water bowl to play in it.............and Concho went over to it and plopped her belly in it and laid with her legs all on the outside of it, cooling off her belly, yup couple snorklers we have!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Water Fun


Oh..... and your granddaughter Madeline has been having a jolly ole good time playing in the sprinkler every day........walks right up to it as its going, stands over the top of it, and out in its path of spray and looks like a drowned rat with water dripping off her ears!!! Very proud of herself.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Sister!

Not long ago, Madelines's parents lost their 16+ year old heeler...

I just found out that they are to fill the space that her loss has left in their family...

Meet Madlines's new little sister!

Isnt she the cutest... Don't know her name yet, I'll fill you in when I find out!