Saturday, May 30, 2009



Glad you enjoyed the update Susan, as you could see in the pictures Madeline is full of play. It was amazing to us to see that John Henry and Madeline were not far off in size from each other now. She was much larger than him originally and now not so much. She is just bigger boned than him now on her legs and shoulders which will be good for when we teach her to drive.

We truly enjoy her!!! Awesome little donkey....

David and Linda

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend


Okay, you guys have been very patient in awaiting an up date. So get your popcorn out, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the latest adventure with Madeline . There is 31 pictures of the little stinkers in action, so if your checking out this post before I'm finished you'll just have to tune back in to see the rest of the pictures.

For the Memorial Day Weekend, we were up at our ranch up north, and it was Madeline's first time getting to see John Henry (little miniature donkey of my mother's, acquired from Susan (paintedpromise). John Henry is a month younger then Madeline.

This is John Henry come Saturday morning in one of our guest corrals, he had a corral all to himself with his big brother mule Floppy right next to him in another one.

And here is John Henry just a running and kicking up his heels with all the excitement of being somewhere new.....

I went to the barn to get Madeline, as she did not yet know he was here at the ranch. We had arrived on Friday night late, and my mother rolled in early Saturday morning. Ms. Madeline was quite surprised when she came out of the barn and followed me over to where John Henry was. I can tell you, she had the look on her face like "what, a donkey" and just stopped right in her tracks as she got close to his corral. This is Madeline in the barn right after I took her out of her stall inside the barn on our way to go see John Henry.

Here is Madeline and John Henry together in his stall, she just really did not know what to think when she first went in to see him. Her first reaction was to run over to me in the stall and stand behind me, plaster her ears back as he looked at her, then turned her butt to him and kicked up at him. I think Madeline has learned to like being the only donkey as she did not want to share her mom with him. After a few minutes though she started strolling around the stall with him .....and doing her favorite thing......roll in the dirt ...and John Henry doing his thing........

By this time, it was now time for us to get ready to put my mothers mule Floppy to work finishing up its team driving lessons with David's mule I took the two little mini donkey monkies into the barn and put Madeline back into her barn stall to finish her breakfast, and between her is Gus in his stall, and put little John Henry in Earl's stall on the other side of Gus....... This way John Henry who has bonded very closely to Floppy (my mothers mule), and vice versa, would not be able to make brea noises for Floppy while he was working on his lessons . Lesson one here, in some ground drive training work on Floppy earlier, (while John Henry was still in his other guest stall by himself), as you got out of sight with Floppy in ground training and John Henry would brea......well, that was it, lesson was ALL over for Floppy as he would blow up and take off from you with ground lines and all to run back to John Henry.......Hence, the reason why the little monkeys had to go into the barn away from Floppys he could concentrate on bonding with Earl to finish his team driving lessons......So, here I go, taking the two little monkeys into the barn for awhile .

And here is John Henry in Uncle Earl's stall in the barn next to Uncle Gus....Boy ole Gus thought these things were multipling as he was flanked by one on each side of him.

And here is Uncle Gus saying hello to little John Henry......Gus has slowly come to love Madeline these days, and cries for her when she's off outside the barn running.......he was really nice with little John Henry too, and baby sat the both of them while Floppy and Earl were off team driving.

Later that day some ranch neighbors up the road from our place stopped in for a visit. They just had to see Madeline as they had heard all about her from other ranch neighbors, and got to visit with both Madeline and John Henry for a bit.....Here they are with Madeline.

And here with John Henry........

By this time of the day Earl and Floppy were done with team driving lessons, so Floppy was going to have to learn to drive single now. This mean't Earl for the time being was put in Floppys guest stall outside by himself for awhile. Then after a few hours when Floppy's single driving lessons were complete......that was a task , but we succeeded, we then let the little guys out of their barn stalls to run and play where ever they wanted.......They followed David over to Earl in the guest stalls......So that David could bring Earl back to his barn stall.

Of course there was lots of help on the way to the barn, as David stopped beside the horse trailer to brush out Earl, with John Henry right there wanting to know what he was doing.

And once the brushing was Earl and John Henry went to the barn..........Little John Henry took a liking to Uncle Earl, even tried to nurse off him ONCE !!! Good ole Earl just stood there and looked at David like "Dad, we got a problem here".......he was so good with the little ones.

Oh, and in case you were all a wondering where Madeline was......she was on the other side of the rig just a having a ball........Here she is in all her glory . Just a running and a playing and "don't forget me"....

And John Henry helping Uncle David in the barn........

Oh, and here comes Madeline ........

All this playing makes us thirsty........Good thing we keep a bucket of water in the breeze way for them when they are off a romping.

And ...... more play outside the barn.........Yes, Ms. Madeline knows her way around and showed Little John Henry all of her entrances into the barn ....

Madeline ran back inside the barn to play hide and seek........while John Henry hid outside the door!!!

John Henry caught sight of Uncle David going to get the off he went......

And of course Madeline found her Dad with no problem............then decided to graze nearby as he worked.

More grazing for Madeline........While my mom gets John Henry ready to go for a walk with her dogs. ask, where was Madeline while John Henry went for his walk with his mom..........Madeline was playing with Dad while Dad played with his tractor;)

With my mom back from her walk with John Henry, he now follows my mom and David over to where she is camped at.....

Then ALL the little ones join in for some carrots....

And more play time together......

Hope you all have enjoyed Madeline and John Henry's Memorial weekend trip.......Till next time ...

David and Linda

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the Lazy D Ranch


Didn't take any pictures of Madeline this weekend as she pretty much just checked out all that she had done the last trip to the ranch.

I can tell you she knew right where she was though when we unloaded from the trailer late Friday night when we got there. She strutted her little self right to the barn doors and waited for them to open, went right to the stall that is hers. Slept for the night. Then both Saturday and Sunday we would open up her stall run gate while we were working around the barn area and it did not take her long to know the gate was open and she would fly out and frolic all around kicking up her back end and playing. She would follow David from the cargo container to the rig, to the barn or where ever he was going to be working just like a little dog, then she would graze nearby you and the minute yOu went back to the barn she'd be kicking up and running right behind you, loose and happy. She would stand right there with him while he would unload the truck with his tractor and follow him as he would carry the load in the bucket of the tractor to the barn.............just like a dog. Was cute to look up to watch them as she surely like to just flat be around you with whatever your doing.

She knows where all (3) entrances into the barn are. You can be in there working and she'll pop out one of the doors and graze and keep watch on what your doing, then if something outside scares the crap out of her she comes a flying in and stands right next to you..........cute as can be.

Next weekend she'll be home with Dad and all the other critters as I have to fly out this Thursday night after work for back east and won't be back till Monday night so its Home Alone III with Dad at the helm!!!!, Lord only knows what I will come home too.

I'm sure we'll get pictures of Madeline with John Henry (another mini donkey baby whom my mom bought from Susan (paintedpromise) , when my mom comes up to the ranch over Memorial Day weekend up for the holidays......she'll be bringing her mule and John Henry. I'll post those pictures of Madeline playing with John Henry when I get them.

David says by the time Christmas Parade comes around he'll probaby have Madeline able to be in her harness and hitched to her cart, with no weight in it's possible she can be led off to her side with her pulling her little cart with a stuffed Santa Claus in it in the I have the Santa Claus that I used to use in the Parades with the Wild Women of the West for our Christmas parades that would ride on the back of my we'll see how it goes between now and Christmas with her learning capabilities. Right now she is just enjoying being a kid.

So, you'll have to check back for more pictures after Memorial Day weekend!!

David and Linda

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Donkey Games

E-MAIL FROM LINDA (which I posted on AzBCR)

Even when I don't take pictures of her, she ALWAYS gets our attention with her walks and play time. She was playing soccer with me last night... grabs the ball and runs and was getting her snack toy just a rolling across the pasture... she does love her toys. She really cracks me up when she does her stripes (the zebra that thinks he's a race horse) imitation... she was doing that last night when I pulled in the drive... zipping around the pasture with her ball in her mouth and all brakes came on when she saw me pull in... she stood there making pig sounds with ball in her mouth because she could not bray with it in there... then tossed it in the air and came a running to the gate... yep, spoiled.

Susan, your such a funny gal ! And thanks for the up date posting as a Grandma. Yes, she had a great time in Williams......even on her Saturday afternoon walk up there she found a downed tree trunk that she jogged right up to........stuck her head in the open end of it to see what might be in it and tried to step up on the side of it - just a checking everything out.......then grazed her way back up to camp site as her brothers bellowed for her to remind her where they were.

You would have laughed last night........Got home, got the chores around the house all done and then took Madeline for her walk around the block. She just trots right along as you jog down the road or side walk, just as happy as can be. All the neighbors come out to see her as she jogs down the street at your side. HOWEVER, as we turned the corner at 32nd st to head back to our street still jogging down the side walk.................the passing traffic coming home from work......all turned their heads and you saw lots of brake lights as they tried to figure out what that was jogging beside me ......and some tooting horns and thumbs up!!! Madeline just continued along like nothing.

She'll be back off to the ranch up north this week end, as we have some things to do up there.....I'll try to catch her with pictures of some of her curious treks around up there in between our work . She most certainly is a busy little p-donk-a donk.

David and Linda