Saturday, December 25, 2010

A New Sister...

Linda told me that David's mother lost her husband recently... among other things, this caused a need for a new home for her mini horse Reba. At first the thought was to return her to the breeder where she was purchased, but they decided to see waht Madeline thought... and it went well, so Madeline now has a new sister!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Isn't she getting to be a big girl...

And this was her first parade at 2 months old...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Update from Linda

Got this e-mail from Linda:

Hi Susan,

Just now catching up on stuff since the Colorado trip. Wanted to let you know... Madeline is doing really well on her rear legs at this time, so it's still very promising that she'll need nothing further. She surely is one happy little donkey, it shows in her personality all the time, and is still pretty much a momma's girl. I think she always will be because she's stuck to me like glue. Last night in the turn out she was just racing around running, in and out, and up and down just having a grand ole time flying around. Teasing the dogs, then kicking up her heels. She has it down so pat now that when she takes off flying from the front fence towards the hitching rail, she is short enough to fly right on by under it and pole bends around the corner post of the hitching rail. She does this several times, just as fast as she can....... darn good thing she's not tall, or she'd never make it flying under that hitching rail like she does.

I can't wait for when she's 2 1/2 years because she really likes being in her harness trolling around... Those Colorado pictures told that story... she is just proud as ever when she gets out there like that. Her little head perks right up when you ground drive her... so she will be a hoot going down the dirt trails in her cart because she gets so focused on all the neat things out there she sees.

Your truck is looking great!!! Just saw the latest pictures of it last night when I was on the forum.

Our little Ms. Concho (Queensland Mini Heeler) will be 6 months old the 18th of September, so I have her appointment all set for getting spayed on the Sept 8th, and they will microchip her too for us. Not that she really needs a microchip as she's as bad as Madeline is, sticks to you like glue walking freely by your side. Concho has certainly turned out to be a real sweetheart of a Blue Heeler.

Have a great weekend,


And isn't that the BEST news about Madeline?!?!?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Colorado Trip

Madeline went with her parents to Colorado...

She enjoyed getting out into the forest with her friends

and playing with dad in camp!

At the second camp, she stayed in camp because these were some pretty intense trails, but had a visitor in K and Theresa's grandson Kayleb "wow a person MY size!"

She spent a lot of time relaxing

And when the Boss Man "K" said its time to collect up fire wood for the nights campfire... everyone did their part, even little Ms. Madeline tried to help in a BIG way!!

*Just kidding, but isn't she cute even PRETENDING to pull that big ol' log???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Vet Update

Got this message fron Linda:

Hi Susan,

Your granddaughter is ready for her big trip. We'll make sure to get some pictures of her in Colorado.

By the way, Laura Harris her vet, when she did her coggins test said she was pleased with Madeline's movement. To keep up the trail riding with her, and she'll re-visit her legs when she is 2 & 1/2. But so far, she likes what she sees and just wants her to continue as she is doing.

Madeline has not worn her surcingle contraption for a month now, and has done quite well without it. Occassional hitch in the one leg, but not bad at all.

Linda Modahl

And I was so happy to hear that!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Apache Maid Trip

As an altitude training trip for the upcoming Colorado adventure, Madeline and her parents spent a weekend at Apache Maid (near Flagstaff).

A "tour" of the old Box T ranch house.

A refreshing dip in the pond...

The photographer (our friend K) says that David, Earl and Madeline are giving thanks here...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Sister Concho

In answer to my inquiry about what the new pup thought of Madeline I got this:

Concho did very well with Madeline, as did Madeline with her. Even ole Earl, David's mule checked her out, as he recognized there was something new around. She's not mouthy or chewy like our other was at this age, plays with the toys and come up to you for loves and is real sweet about it. She'll hold onto your legs while you reach down to pet her. She seemes to fit right in, and is adapting very quickly. Slept in the truck with the others all they way up to Flagstaff @ Apache Maid on Friday night. They all accepted each other very well this weekend while camping.

When we came home later today from the weekend, they were all in the back yard playing. Then Amber the Jack Russell went to the outside water bowl to play in it.............and Concho went over to it and plopped her belly in it and laid with her legs all on the outside of it, cooling off her belly, yup couple snorklers we have!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Water Fun


Oh..... and your granddaughter Madeline has been having a jolly ole good time playing in the sprinkler every day........walks right up to it as its going, stands over the top of it, and out in its path of spray and looks like a drowned rat with water dripping off her ears!!! Very proud of herself.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Sister!

Not long ago, Madelines's parents lost their 16+ year old heeler...

I just found out that they are to fill the space that her loss has left in their family...

Meet Madlines's new little sister!

Isnt she the cutest... Don't know her name yet, I'll fill you in when I find out!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back To The Ranch


This last weekend June 26th and 27th we spent the weekend up at Madeline's ranch.

On Saturday just before noon, while we were working around the place, we decided to put their hobbles on and let them all out of the barn to roam the 38 acres that is for the most part fenced but because there is some that is not......well they're mules, so they get hobbled, because they know where the openings are!! Even little Ms. Madeline did get hobbled, just so she can stay used to being hobbled. We had closed all the stall doors but Madeline's so if she wanted she could go in and have a drink or whatever on her own.

Well, you would think if they had all this area to romp in and graze me, they can still romp in hobbles, even three ways on the two mules. So you would think with all this room then you would not find them here

In the barn, and not just one of them...............

Yes, you got it..........all three of them, and all in the SAME stall, Madeline's stall, with Gus going in and out of it!!! Go figure!! This went on for quite a long time.

So, we let them be.........and continued our work around the place then broke for lunch............ Guess who joined us at lunch. Here she comes looking for Mom and Dad.. She always does this if she can't see you.... she will find you.

And yes, she found us, Mom in the rig making lunch and Dad just a waiting to graze......So Madeline just had to spend time with Dad for loves and kisses. She sucked up big time to Dad and stayed with us the whole time we ate lunch.

Dad even got her a cookie out of the truck as she stood by waiting for him to get it...

Then off she goes, to go find her brothers again......

And she knows right where to find them...... Can you guess?

Yep, still in her stall in the barn just hanging out waiting for her to come back!!! Right where she flew back into, hobbles and all.

She did go out for a 4 hour trail ride on Sunday with her big brother mules, and some of our ranch neighbors......... But the rest of the time you can see just exactly where they chose to stay for most of Saturday.

Till next time.

David and Linda

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clint's Well


This is Madeline at Clint's Well North (No. East) of Lake Mary Rd the weekend of 6/12/2010 and 6/13/2010.

On Saturday's ride she went out with all the gang in the Lone Rangers and as we started out, it was a beautiful blue sky day with clouds passing by. But just after lunch the clouds got low, and dark and it poured like cats and dogs on us, we were about 2 1/2 hours from camp. Then about 1 hour before we hit camp it hailed like the dickens on us........and yes, Ms. Madeline and her Mule Brothers were not thrilled about the pea size hail hitting us for that hour. It covered the ground very quickly, blanketing it in white. Madeline and her brothers when you looked at them their ears were laid out flat to the sides like a Helicopter. She wore hail down her back but just kept jogging along like a real trooper. She was not thrilled about ANY of the water crossings, but being hitched up with her big brother mule "Earl"........she rather did not have a choice but to get her feet wet!!

On Sundays ride, she usually stays back in camp and is just a plain o donkey.......but not this trip, she was looking to go, so we took her along on the ride. This was the first time she boogied down the trail two days in a row. She did fantastic. This was a much nicer day, cool, and overcast but no rain. Was a nice weekend ride even with the hail as it gave you something besides the heat we had had in the valley before the weekend.

In all this weekend, little Ms. Madeline boogied down the trail in the two days a total of 24 miles .... As some from the AZBCR like "joeroadapple" said whom was with us on this ride, she is one in shape little girl going down that trail.

In case you were wondering, she still when not out on the trail during the daytime wears her hobble/surcingle contraption on her one leg during the week. It is really helping her to remember to pick up an bend her leg. It should be just a matter of time and she should not have to wear it anymore, so it is working!!! She has little to no lock anymore, just and occassional funky walk now and then, but goes away in seconds, so it is working. The turn and burn trail riding mountain terrain is surely helping her in making those legiments shrink.

Till next time..........

David and Linda

Friday, June 11, 2010

More From Madeline


When I saw your post with you new big truck, I had to chuckle, because I just had a situation happen that involved a big truck and a mini donkey. I'll tell you - but you have to promise, no laughing.

On Monday night when I came home from work, as usual Ms. Madeline greeted me. She is such a loving little donkey as you know with her hugs. Well, I set my purse and keys down on the horse trailer fender and opened up the gate to come into her turnout. We played soccer, then with her big ball, we played chase and they we just stood for loves. At this point in her usual way she came in from behind me and like usual shot between my legs so now I had her head right in front of me as if I were riding her. We were up close to the big front gate in the turn out, and right up near the road in front of my house. We continued to stand this way, as I gave her lots of loves and kisses and pets, she was thrilled as I was looking down at her. Then all of a sudden I could hear a truck coming down the road, but could not see it and just as I looked up it was a big MDI eighteen wheeler dump truck that just let out his air brakes, which was quite the sound and scared the crap out of Madeline with her being still between my legs. She leaped up, which literally put me now atop her back, and bolted and bucked and well...........the story goes I flipped up in the air and down to the ground. You can stop laughing now, needless to say I was literally bucked off my mini donkey. Man, can she move!!! And of course, once I was on the ground beside her, she was right there to see me and so was the truck driver as he realized he had just scared the crap out the donkey and saw the whole thing. He wanted to make sure I was alright, which I was, more stunned then anything as neither of us was expecting this huge truck coming down the road and expelling his air brakes. He laughed and said, he has seen a lot of things in his days, but never has seen someone fly up in air like that and he had no clue it was a mini donkey as he had to ask if that was what she was. He said she was so small, he never saw her and only saw this women flying in the air and hit the ground.

So, when I saw your truck........ I had to chuckle, and now you know why.

Now, If you think that is funny, well, your going to love this one. The last Lone Ranger Ride over Memorial Day weekend, the Mr. in our house - Yes, David had a ride of his own with little Ms. Madeline. This is no joke and trust me, it was quite the site.

We were out on the trail, at lunch break, and our lunch break was at a stock pond. Pretty green grass, lots of tall trees, and just a beautiful day, their was 18 of us out of the trail this day. Well, we ate our lunch, then I decided to take Ms. Madeline over to the stock had one of those build up tall berms around half of it so Madeline and I went a walking that direction, up the berm and once she saw the water in the pond, the brakes went on and she flat sat down!! Yep, this is something she does very well once the brakes go on and she looks so funny just sitting on the ground on her butt. Well, David came over to help get her up and over the big berm, only she was not going to go, and everyone in our group was laughing as Madeline the little mini donkey was saying nope not going, and us too were up on the berm trying to pull her up there. So we decided to walk further around the pond to where you did not have to climb up and down the berm to get to the pond, and now know one could see us.

Well, when Madeline saw the water, she started to put the brakes on and David pulled her as I pushed her.........then we got her to the water and tried to get her to just stand there while he held her rope, and I was now off to the side watching..... the little stinker all of a sudden leaped and shot through David's legs as he was facing her, which through him over her with his actually riding her with him facing her butt, and off she went and nothing he could do but hold on as he rode her backwards up and out of the pond and part way up the hill.......and the whole time I'm just laughing my backside off because he can't get off my usual sweet self asked him, "what the heck, you can't steer her riding her that way"......well, you know the look I got. Needless to say, once she did stop, he was able to get his footing and stand up and get off her as we both laughed and looked up and thankfully no one could see any of it as they were all on the other side of the berm. It was quite the site to see this big tall good looking cowboy, with his hat, boots and spurs on literally stuck where he was a riding her backwards up and out of a pond and up a hill and not a durn thing he could do about it, until she stopped. Later around the campfire that night we did share what happened and everyone was roaring wishing they had seen what was going on, on the other side of that berm.

So, It should be quite a weekend this weekend when we go to Clint's Well, especially with the number of water crossings in East Clear Creek....and Ms. Madeline. We truly do have lots of fun with her, she has quite the personality.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Planning Another Trip


She'll be going to Clint's Well next weekend 6/12 and 6/13 with the Lone Rangers. There should be some pictures and water crossings from that one. Let's just say by the end of that ride she should cross water quite well, as there is usally quite a few water crossings so she's gonna get wet!!!

David and Linda

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Madeline from "Memorial Day Weekend 2010" camping in Flagstaff @ the Bar D Corral.

On Saturday Madeline went with her big brother mules and the Lone Rangers on an 11.8 mile ride. The trail riding with her in tow with Gus my mule has been working out really well for her leg exercises. This time she had absolutely no funny walk right off the bat, so that is a sign its doing what its suppose too . Burn baby burn the tendons...

We did not take her on Sunday's ride, as we let her have a day of just being a little donkey sunning herself and laying flat out being lazy. But we did in the afternoon take advantage of the Bar D Corrals at the camp site, and turned her lose in the big round cattle holding pen. She just went a flying around and around and around kicking up her heels for several hours and would keep watch to see that we were watching her.

Until next time...

David and Linda

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Till Next Time...

After the long trail yesterday, Madeline got a break today while big brothers Gus and Earl went off on another ride. My horse was limping so I was also grounded... and neither of us was real happy about it! I started packing up my campsite so that I would be ready to head home when my friends returned from their ride. I could hear Madeline braying from time to time up the hill. I did go and sit with her for a bit and trade some more horsie treats for hugs {grin}. She was wearing her surcingle and hobble contraption for continued therapy while in her pen.

Later just before we left I went back up to say goodbye to David and Linda. David was scooping poop and got interrupted by another camper, and I turned around to find Madeline with the poop rake in her mouth... Linda says she "helps" dad all the time at home. And of course the camera was already packed up!

Have a safe trip home lil darlin'!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trail Ride Up Spruce Mountain

Can you spot Madeline?

There's our girl!!!

Good morning kisses for Grandma! {Actually, it was more like "what treats have you got for me granny?" and she was right, I did bring her a couple of horsie cookies!
She looks SO MUCH like her dad in this picture! {And no I don't mean David lol}

Big brother Gus wondering why all the fuss over lil sis?

Bye for now Madeline, I have to go get breakfast and tack up my horse for the ride! See you in a bit...

Waiting at the gathering spot for the slowpokes to be ready to go...

Reggie is wondering what kind of dog IS THAT that Linda has?

And off we go down the trail...

I could really see the locking right as we left camp but within a minute or so Madeline was moving along nicely! I wish I had thought to video both so that you could see too...

I did get a couple of videos and once they have been processed through my computer I will add them here :)

We did quite a bit of chatting as we rode about Madeline's condition and her treatment. I wish I had a better memory... one thing that did "stick" in my mind (no pun intended) was that if the surgery to cut the ligament is done, the equine can no longer stand up to sleep. With Madeline's young age, that is one reason that the vet felt strongly about trying the injection treatment, and the exercise and stretching, before jumping right to surgery.
Switched off to dad and Earl...

Madeline much happer NEXT TO Earl instead of behind him - see that tail swishin'? When she was behind him, it kept getting my lil darlin' right in the face! You could almost hear her say "Hey I am NOT a fly!"

Lunch stop on the trail and I got someone else to take my camera and get a couple shots of me and my grand-donkey - thanks Vikki!

David saw me doing this and said "Uh oh, BAD HABITS!" But Madeline took her piece of carrot very nicely :)

Coming down the hill on the way back to camp... Madeline did great all day! You can tell she really enjoys being with her folks!!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this trail ride with our girl! The stories and pictures that Linda is so good about sending are wonderful of course, but being there was fantastic! I love all of my grand-donkeys, of course, but this one is just extra-special!!

Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Donkey Hugs!

I was already at camp when Madeline and her family arrived... once we finished our dinner I went over to say hello but it was almost dark so didn't take the camera. I went right into Madeline's pen to fuss over her and crouched down to give her a hug. She hugged me back as donkeys do, putting her chin on me and leaning... wow she almost knocked me down! She is a STRONG hugger! She also tried to "shake" - her aunt Susie Q asks for attention the same way, and I never thought of doing it, but Linda says that David has used that to teach Madeline to shake. I sat down because of my knees and she was about in my lap, so that didn't last long! It sure was good to see her though! Pictures tomorrow I promise!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great News!!!


It turned out good, and as I cruised through it, I once again laughed at my little girl and all her antics. Your web-site looks really good. You know we'll keep pictures coming your way!!



I absolutely did not mind at all...... You are part of the reason I put that on there (AzBCR), so you and everyone could see how she is doing and watch her develop as she goes.

She is a wonderful little donkey.

I am glad you did the blog thing. To be honest I flat do not have the time to sit and do a blog, its hard enough sometimes with my day to check on this forum to see what is up.

Madeline is doing great with her leg treatment. Right now with how she has been doing it's looking like I might not need to do a May injection on her leg. And that is good. She will be stiff with it from time to time, but that is expected right now, but she is doing really well with it much more now than she was doing. So that is a plus. The exercise of me or David ponying her on a ride, is just going to help her that much more. It is already showing improvement in her movement with just the few times we have done it. I honestly believe, and I believe Laura her vet does too, that if we continue in this manner with her, she will get past this. I'm sure little Madeline hates having to wear her surcingle and elastic band and hobble, but the little stinker is learning she has to walk and bend the leg. She knows, as she knows it when you talk with her and tell her to pick it up and get a moving........she does it immediately. She is no dummy, she even backs up for however long I want her to these days just by a verbal "Back", "Back", "Back".......she knows exactly what you want her to do, and not physically having to move her backwards. I swear sometimes she fully understands EVERYTHING I say to her.

She is something else, that is for sure.

Have a good eve, we will see you this weekend, we still plan on going.......there has to be some sanity in life.........and that will be it!!




"Cool, keep us posted on Maddie. We've always cut."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two More Days!

...and Grandma can't wait! I am so excited to be seeing Madeline this weekend! I keep wanting to get over and visit but the distance between Painted Promise Ranch and Madeline's home, not to mention the busy schedules of all the people, have kept that from happening. Funny that we both have to travel a couple of hours away from home to be able to spend time together!

You can be sure that there will be LOTS of pictures of Madeline after this weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After the Trail Ride...


so all that walking doesn't hurt her leg?


Damage occurs when the leg is locked and remains locked. Damage does not occur as long as the leg unlocks and the injections to promote shrinkage of the tendons is being done.

This is why Madeline is in treatment, because it is not staying locked now since the iodine/oil injections. Now it has to be worked, and worked and worked - that means LOTS of exercise to use it. When she is at home she still has to wear her surcingle leg band contraption 10 to 11 hours a day while she moseys around at home. Including when we camp if in her stall camping or grazing out and about. Its purpose is to make her walk on the leg and bend it at the joint. Walking & trotting in deep sand or footing in an arena and up and down hills on trails is part of her treatment to encourage the tendons to shrink on the rear legs. She has to be walked daily when I come home from work and we walk/trot about 2 miles a day. We have about 8 months of that to do, or at least until the legs no longer stick or are stiff in movement as she CAN out grow this once the tendons shrink.

Her vet has wanted her to be ponied out on trail with us, but Madeline had a hard time understanding and would sit down, literally. It has taken several months and several tries for her to understand it's okay to pony along side another. She finally got it last Saturday in Sedona on April once she got it and understood it was okay.......she went out on the 25th in Sedona for her first trail ride. It was 3 hours and 6.7 miles - and was all her Vet could be happy about after hearing the results.

Yes, she can start out with a stiff gait, but within 5 minutes she is walking just stiff leg, no drag, no lock, just what you want and then the more work on it walking/trotting the better. She is to continue to go out on the trail as much as we can and for as long as we can with her, the more the better. The working the leg on the trail like this, works the muscles and builds the muscles and shrinks the tendons - which is what is wanted. It very well may keep her from having to have surgery if she continues in the pattern she is in progessive improvement.

Oh yes, she slept well when we came home this last weekend, after her first 3 hour ride in the terrain we covered, it was no cake walk, she was one tired little donkey. But you would not have known it the next morning as she was bright eyed and moving about as you came out to feed. She'll get another round of being ponied this Sunday coming up at Horse Lovers Park - as she'll be out riding the parks trails with her big brother mules for about 4 1/2 hours or so..... Nothing near as complicated a trail as she was on last Sunday. The more ups and downs the better, but at least Horse Lovers Park provides a trail to use close to home. Bottom line, it makes her have to work the rear legs, even if it's flat.

She will be in Prescott with the AZBCR group May 7th, 8th and 9th......she will be on the trail ponied with us on Saturday's ride - "Spruce Mountain" has all the terrain that is wanted for working her leg and her vet is very happy she will be going on the ride. Sunday's ride that weekend will be her day of rest in camp while we take the mules out for the short ride.

Hope the information provided helped to answer your question......She is one loved little donkey!!

David and Linda

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sedona - First Trail Ride!


Maddie in Sedona - went on her first trail ride!

Cisco checking her out:

Thanks Tammy for posting Madeline's first actual trail ride in Sedona.

There were 11 riders today, and Madeline. She was awesome on the trail, up and down gullies, cross country through cactus and cat claw, through the canyon and river rock bottom including flagstone and boulders. She did a whole whopping 6.7 miles of ponying next to and behind (on the narrower sections) with her big brother mule "Gus".

Her Grandma (paintedpromise) would have been very proud of her today.

Till next time........

David and Linda


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Report on Stifle Treatment


This is an update for Madeline's Granny Susan (Paintedpromise) and others.

Madeline spends roughly 10 to 11 hours a day during the day time in her treatment contraption "surcingle and elastic band/hobble". Then at night when I come home from work, she comes out of it and goes for her trot around the block for about 30 to 40 minutes. Each morning back into her contraption. She has been a very good patient.

Report - she is doing much better with her leg, less sticking, more bending it and walking on it. Today, we loaded her up in the trailer and took her to Reach 11 Horse Lovers Park. We worked her in the arena, trotting her and walking her in the deeper footing, making her work the joints in that leg. She did very well........then we turned her loose in there while we sat outside the rig and had lunch. She romped and trotted and ran like the dickens......and bellowed her big donkey cries to every one whom came over to see her.

These are from her @ Reach 11 Horse Lovers Park - no leg contraption..........

If you were wondering what the cost was to have the iodine/almond oil injections treatments (3) into her ligaments on both rear legs for a total of 6 injections - it was total $160.00. Not bad, as we are seeing improvements with the legs, and the surcingle treatment is helping as we are seeing the results after she is in it for hours at a time.

She still may have to have another round (3) on the one leg in May, possibly one more in July - just depends on her movement. Surgery to actually cut the ligament is still last resort and is less likely if she continues improving and continues with wearing her leg surcingle contraption for as many hours a day that we can during this treatment.

Till next time...........

David and Linda