Friday, August 27, 2010

Update from Linda

Got this e-mail from Linda:

Hi Susan,

Just now catching up on stuff since the Colorado trip. Wanted to let you know... Madeline is doing really well on her rear legs at this time, so it's still very promising that she'll need nothing further. She surely is one happy little donkey, it shows in her personality all the time, and is still pretty much a momma's girl. I think she always will be because she's stuck to me like glue. Last night in the turn out she was just racing around running, in and out, and up and down just having a grand ole time flying around. Teasing the dogs, then kicking up her heels. She has it down so pat now that when she takes off flying from the front fence towards the hitching rail, she is short enough to fly right on by under it and pole bends around the corner post of the hitching rail. She does this several times, just as fast as she can....... darn good thing she's not tall, or she'd never make it flying under that hitching rail like she does.

I can't wait for when she's 2 1/2 years because she really likes being in her harness trolling around... Those Colorado pictures told that story... she is just proud as ever when she gets out there like that. Her little head perks right up when you ground drive her... so she will be a hoot going down the dirt trails in her cart because she gets so focused on all the neat things out there she sees.

Your truck is looking great!!! Just saw the latest pictures of it last night when I was on the forum.

Our little Ms. Concho (Queensland Mini Heeler) will be 6 months old the 18th of September, so I have her appointment all set for getting spayed on the Sept 8th, and they will microchip her too for us. Not that she really needs a microchip as she's as bad as Madeline is, sticks to you like glue walking freely by your side. Concho has certainly turned out to be a real sweetheart of a Blue Heeler.

Have a great weekend,


And isn't that the BEST news about Madeline?!?!?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Colorado Trip

Madeline went with her parents to Colorado...

She enjoyed getting out into the forest with her friends

and playing with dad in camp!

At the second camp, she stayed in camp because these were some pretty intense trails, but had a visitor in K and Theresa's grandson Kayleb "wow a person MY size!"

She spent a lot of time relaxing

And when the Boss Man "K" said its time to collect up fire wood for the nights campfire... everyone did their part, even little Ms. Madeline tried to help in a BIG way!!

*Just kidding, but isn't she cute even PRETENDING to pull that big ol' log???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Vet Update

Got this message fron Linda:

Hi Susan,

Your granddaughter is ready for her big trip. We'll make sure to get some pictures of her in Colorado.

By the way, Laura Harris her vet, when she did her coggins test said she was pleased with Madeline's movement. To keep up the trail riding with her, and she'll re-visit her legs when she is 2 & 1/2. But so far, she likes what she sees and just wants her to continue as she is doing.

Madeline has not worn her surcingle contraption for a month now, and has done quite well without it. Occassional hitch in the one leg, but not bad at all.

Linda Modahl

And I was so happy to hear that!!!