Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Elden


I didn't get any pictures (too much other excitement I guess as a friend of mine and her horse kinda fell off the mountain!) but I got to visit with my grand-donkey this weekend at Little Elden... she looks JUST LIKE her daddy!! And what a funny girl... I went to the side of the pen farthest from her trailer because that's the direction I came from... petted her and talked to her and snuck her a cookie (or two or three) then walked arounnd the pen to head around the trailer to say hi to Dave and Linda... Madeline followed me with her ears back and braying as if to say "HEY I wasn't done with you yet!" But I had to go visit her brand new puppy Amber, what another cutie... and of course say hi to the 2-legged members of the family (although they aren't as cute) LOL.

This morning coming back from our little ride we passed Madeline and I was looking at her and talking to her and got a hi-line right across the face - rope burn under my nose and lost my hat!

After posting that, another AzBCR member (Cathy) posted a couple pictures she took :) so we do have pictures from the Little Elden trip!

Cathys photo caption: What? Nothing to eat? What the heck!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Run Madeline Run!


Susan, Everyone can use a good laugh from time to time, I'm laughing my backside off. Are you sure her name is not Stripes!!! Like the zebra in the movie that thinks it's a race horse? What a silly little donkey, she was so excited to see me she went a playing and running across the I continued to walk up the drive from the truck I'd yell, "Look at you pretty girl, look at you go" the more I'd say Look at you go the faster she'd run figure eights around the pasture just as fast as she could go........ears all laid back and running like the dickens then halts right in front of me at the fence for ear pets then off she'd go a running in figure eights again as I'd say, look at you go. She knows exactly what you are saying and knows you like what she is doing, so she entertains you to the "T" I said.... she's a silly little donkey who thinks her name is Stripes. I surely love this little donkey as she puts a smile on your face even after a bad day !! So, stop laughing at my little zebra.

Linda Modahl

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gabaldon Horse Camp - And A Surprise!


Here is Madeline in Sept 2009 @ Gabaldon Horse Camp up in the White Mountains. Her Uncle Dan (Ledgerider) was there with us, and boy did we get some snow on one of the days, 2 inches as we rode the Gabaldon 22 mile loop, just rain at camp. She stayed for 5 days at Gabaldon, then Uncle Dan left and we loaded up and we spent 5 days at the Mule Clinic in Alpine while her brother mules got some schooling. And everyone at the mule clinic wanted Madeline, including the owners of Beaver Creek Ranch...... we were beginning to think we needed to keep her in the living quarters....... she was well loved on her trip. She will probably show up in one of the Mules and More Magazine articles or Western Mules Magazine as Terry Wagner one of the writers was at the clinic taking pictures for his story he will publish in one of those magazines......Ms. Madeline took his heart and his wife Sandy's as they got several pictures of her watching the mules from her camp corral while all the mules were in the clinic.

Madeline and Dad and her new surprise for her Grandma (Paintedpromise) at Gabaldon Horse Camp.
 we go!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed Madeline's new little adventure in learning to ground drive..........its work in progress and surely more to come as she learns more as she goes with lots of little baby steps. Till next time !!!!

David and Linda